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What is Edutainment?

A mash-up of the words education and entertainment, edutainment is game-based learning that aims to fulfill a dual purpose — learning and fun.


What is gamification?

Gamification is when a task relies on game elements or mechanics to increase engagement, motivation, attention, in a way that achieves learning...


History of gamification

The idea of altering a task to make it more fun, while incorporating a digital element, has been around for a long time.


What are serious games?

Serious games are online games with a focus on education or skill development over entertainment, but that doesn’t mean they’re boring.


What are game mechanics?

Game mechanics are what give the user the right interact with a game. Game mechanics are the structure, or foundation, from which your game is...


TIQ Software at Rainforest Alberta

TIQ founder and CEO Jason Suriano spoke at Work Nicer in Edmonton Alberta June 19, 2019. Transcript courtesy Rainforest Alberta.


Gamification can make you better at work

Jason Suriano wrote the book on game-powered learning. Literally. In 2017, he delved into 15 years of research, consulting and production experience...


Podcast: Gamifying Employee Onboarding

You have heard of gamification. But have you heard of the gamification of onboarding your new team members? Jason Suriano and his team at TIQ...

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