Podcast: Gamifying Employee Onboarding

From Founder to CEO – Podcast Episode 249 with Jason Suriano, CEO of TIQ Software

With $2 million in seed money, this founder is gamifying onboarding.
From Founder to CEO – Podcast Episode 249

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You have heard of gamification. But have you heard of the gamification of onboarding your new team members?

Jason Suriano and his team at TIQ Software (formerly Trajectory IQ) have a tiger by the tail and he shares some Founder to CEO stories and value bombs you won’t want to miss like…

  • Why onboarding of your new team members is so important.
  • Why his masters degree in humanities computing was such a big part of his success.
  • Why it’s important to double check the financials of the company you plan on acquiring.
  • Why he, and you, may delude yourself about the extent you can change others.
  • Why one of your jobs as Founder is to help your team simplify.


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