Your online training should be bite-sized

More and more companies are realizing that their audience doesn’t retain important information.

The days of 90-minute PowerPoint presentations are dead.

2–3 hour online e-Boring courses should be punted too.


So many reasons, but the main one is that our online worlds are filled with white noise and our attention spans are shot.

Here’s what instruction specialist, Abreena Tompkins, had to say on the subject:

“Physiologically, your neurons are keen and alert for no more than 20 consecutive minutes. At the end of those 20 minutes, your neurons have gone from full-fledged alert to total collapse, and it takes two to three minutes for those neurons to be completely recovered and back to the total alert state. If you break longer than three minutes, you’ve redirected your attention.”

Bite-Sized Learning

As more and more companies realize their audience doesn’t retain the information presented, the concept of “bite-sized learning” is becoming more prevalent.

Bite-Sized learning is the breakdown of complex information into smaller more manageable chunks for quick consumption.

This is where our work at TIQ Software comes in.

Our software delivers bite-sized learning combined with effective cognitive process in a fun, fast-paced environment where users learn in shorter bursts.

Our properly sequenced interactive tasks breaking up the user experience into bite-sized pieces that are easy to understand. 

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