Online learning shouldn’t hurt

Stop building e-learning programs with text on a screen that asks the user to “click next to continue.”

Printed text imposes a minimum time requirement to read.

For example, I know that it will take you 5 minutes to read this article.

A lot of people build e-learning programs by putting that same text on a screen and ask the user to “click next to continue.” This e-learning program is no better, from a time or efficiency standpoint, as printed text.

Assuming your company has a time limit connected to “rigorous academic learning” this is one of the main reasons productivity improvement in HR and training has stalled.

Reduce the time to complete

Take my experience with a specific health group. These were registered nurses — 36,000 of them.

The government, where this group of nurses worked, has a law that sets a lot of standards and requirements that aren’t directly related to patient care, but which nurses need to know for their own legal protection. That’s where their association was trying to help.

The standard way they did this was to hand their members the legislation and then administer an exam on its contents. The law was over three hundred pages of dry, tedious language. Comparable paper-based, open-book exams in other jurisdictions took about five hours out of their members’ lives to complete.

You can imagine how much enthusiasm that generated.

Now, no offence to the folks who draft laws, but nurses are practical people. They’ve got more urgent stuff going on than wading through columns of legalese.

So, how do we make that same material more engaging? More digestible? More meaningful?

The answer? TIQ Software.

This is a snippet from the book Office Arcade by TIQ Software’s CEO, Jason Suriano.

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